We offer complete service from foundation excavation
to sod laying. If it involves dirt, we do it!


Septic System Installation

If you are developing a new property or are having difficulty with an existing system we can build a solution for you.

Foundation Excavation

All construction begins with a solid foundation. Get your dirt work done right. We have top of the line laser survey equipment.

Wet Basement Repair

If you have water in your basement let us help problem solve with the best products and quality workmanship.

Underground Utilities

Water, Sewer, Storm Sewer, Power, Telecom. We have everything needed for a quality installation.

Complete Site Planning

We offer consulting on planning your building site for success.

Driveway Construction

We can build the access road to your building. Excavation, compaction and grading are all within our scope.

Driveway Maintainance

Smooth driveways keep cars happy. Let us buff yours into shape.

Retaining Walls

We take soil retention seriously. Base preparation, drainage, tie back systems, and proper building practices ensure a life time installation.

Interlocking Pavers

Strength and beauty in one package. Not all paver pads are created equal. Call us for the most complete paver installation in the Kootenays.

Fence Post Pounding

We install farm style fence posts up to 9’ in length. We use a vibratory pounder mounted on our excavator.

Landscape Drainage

We build ditches and swales for surface water management as well as below grade drainage systems.

Snow Plowing and Removal

Our versatile skid steer loader makes a powerful, maneuverable and fast snow clearing tool.

Paving Preparation

Any paving job is only as good as the base below. Quality materials, compaction and grading make all the difference.

Sod Installation

Our lawns start with proper grading, complete prep-work and a professional finish.