Shoreline – Phase 1

Kays was awarded the civil works contract for the residential development at 900 Lakeside Drive in Nelson, BC for the Culos Development Group.

Our scope consisted of:

  • Foundation excavation and excavation for utilities.
  • Installation and commissioning of 120m of watermain and 3 fire hydrants.
  • Installation and commissioning of sanitary sewer and 5 manholes.
  • Installation and commissioning of storm sewer, drywells and catchbasins.
  • Concrete curb, gutter, sidewalks and concrete driveway letdown.
  • Road works – 4,070m2 of asphalt paving including subgrade preparation, subbase gravel placement, base gravel placement and pavement markings.

    Grading and exterior concrete prep for parkade access and pedestrian sidewalks.