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Anyone can dig a hole. But it takes a special company to successfully complete your entire excavation project on time, on budget and all while providing exceptional, personalized service. At Kays Contracting, we are experts in excavation and have trusted subcontractors to take care of all your site elements from paving to electrical.

Since launching in 2006, our company has grown exponentially to take on your largest projects. We’ve helped build infrastructure for full subdivisions and housing developments, worked with the province’s biggest contractors to repair roadways and parking lots, and have prepped and perfected innumerable sites throughout the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. Whether your project requires road construction and paving, the installation of water, power, and sewer systems, or foundation and retaining wall work, we have the equipment, staff and experience to get it done right. The first time.

Below are some of the projects we’ve worked on in the past few years. They’ll give you a sense of the scope of our offerings but by no means are they representative of all that we offer. Whatever your project may be, we’re happy to speak with you about it and let you know if we have what it takes to get it done. Aside from skill, honesty is something we pride ourselves in and we’ll never take on more than we can handle. Contact us today with any questions or to discuss your project.

Underground Utility Renewal

Rossland BC 3rd Ave Rebuild.

Kays was the successful bidder for this civil works renewal project in Rossland BC. Kays installed new water mains and services, storm and sanitary sewers as well as complete concrete curbs, sidewalks, and asphalt paving.

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Underground Site Services

Heddlestone Village Site Preparation

Located in a rural setting west of Nelson, Heddlestone is a unique co-housing community consisting of 24 houses and a community hall. We were hired to install a water main, sewer network and on-site wastewater system for 25 connections as well as other site preparations.

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Utilities Installation & Site Rebuild

Taghum Stop Restructure

The gas station and store located in Taghum is a popular spot so when it came time to completely rebuild the site, we were hired to do it wisely and efficiently. We prepared the site, excavated, built retaining walls, installed utilities and created new parking areas.

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Water Main Servicing

Gore Street Water Main Servicing

The city of Nelson is replacing a lot of its outdated underground infrastructure including water lines. We were tasked with servicing 250 metres of water main on Gore Street and adding 20 new house services. We also prepped the site for new asphalt and curbs.

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Subdivision Preparation

Elkview Estates Subdivision Project

Elkview is located in Castlegar in the highly coveted Ootischenia area. We were brought in to prepare the entire Phase 1 site, which included installing water, power, phone and cable services for 34 new lots as well as road building and gravel base work for the pavers.

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